Solution and process are explained here

You can see what we will do to see that our solutions will be implemented in the way that will match your needs. If you will know how we will work you can prepare materials and know-how to lower costs of implementation.

Current status analyses

If you need new solutions we need to know how is your product currently running. We will take care about whole process and we will plan development and integration of new systems in the way to not disturb your productivity.

First contact

We will interview people working with old system, gather old system data and analyse them to get right view what have to be done.

Process analyses

We can find out your processes to get proper match of your needs to new system and the clear integration to old system and processes.

Technical specification

At the end of new analyses we will prepare technical specification and implementation plan for you. This will help you understand how we will continue in implementation stage.

Product to people oriented solutions

We will deliver solutions based on your processes. We will take care about implementation and migration plans to do not disturb productivity of your employees.


Our system will match your needs and will be integrated to processes and already deployed systems inside your company.


Our solutions are cost efective an productivity boosting. We will find best possible solution for your business in free and paid software. Whole solution will align with your processes and manners of your employee to protect their productivity.

Documentation and Education

When we deploy systems we will prepare documentation and we will train your people to use whole solution in right way to achieve productivity plans.